Keys to A Safe Winter for You & Your Trees

winter tree safety

Winter can be a dangerous time around your home with the drastic changes in weather posing potential threats to you, your family, and your property. To get your trees through the winter as safely as possible, use our tips below and decrease the odds of a preventable accident.

Prepare Your Trees for Winter

The best thing you can do for your trees is to prepare them for winter before the coldest months come and there are several ways to do so. By pruning in the fall, wrapping sensitive trees, mulching, fertilizing, and giving them plenty of water before winter, you will give your trees the best opportunity to prosper in the winter.

Keep A Close Eye on Your Trees

Though some trees are affected by the cold differently, almost any tree can suffer from the cold, harsh New England winter so it is essential to keep an eye on each of them. If you see a particular tree looks unhealthy, out of shape, or otherwise unnatural, it is best to contact a tree professional for help.

Be Cautious of Falling Snow

Whenever your area receives any snowfall, be aware that your trees will then be weighed down by that snowfall. Not only will this put pressure on your trees and possibly misshape them, it will be an added danger to anyone or anything below them, as the weight could cause tree limbs to break at any moment. Be sure to walk around your trees after each snowfall and also consider calling a tree professional for assistance tending to your trees to prevent any possible damage.

Seek Professional Help

Elliott Tree based in Whitman, MA offers a range of tree services including chopped and prepped firewood, emergency tree removal, tree pruning and stump grinding. Contact us today for an estimate on your tree project!  

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