How to Maintenance Your Trees This Fall

fall trees

Fall is the season to get a lot of tree work done in New England. Because it is in between two harsh seasons, fall becomes a crucial time to give your trees a little extra attention. Continue reading below for a guide to the best ways to treat your trees this fall to ensure they prosper into to the New England winter.

Prune and Trim

Fall is the perfect time to trim your trees and bushes. Because the seasons are changing, fall becomes the best time to get rid of dead branches and other materials that may hinder your tree’s growth. Many people make mistakes with tree pruning and removal so consider consulting a professional to ensure your trees are safe and healthy.


A major part of fall should be preparing your trees for the harsh New England winter, especially after a dry, hot summer. This time can make trees vulnerable to be sure to show them a little extra attention by planting fertilizer around your trees and give them the nutrients they may be missing.

Plant New Trees

If you’ve been thinking about adding to your yard, use this time to plant new trees. Fall is actually the best time to plant new trees because of the calmness of the season. Take this opportunity to nurture your new tree after the hot temperatures of summer and before the winter cold.

Mulch Your Trees

Consider placing mulch around your trees this fall to maintain moisture around your tree and keep weeds away from the trunk. Mulching can be extremely beneficial to the life of your trees and is also an affordable way to strengthen your tree.

Hydrate Your Trees

Many people think fall’s showers are enough for their trees but this is often not the case. Keep in mind that they are likely dry from a hot summer and they need a little extra watering to head into winter feeling strong and healthy. Consult a professional to decide what is the best way to water your trees.

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