How to Prepare Your Trees for a Cold New England Winter

snowy tree in the winter

Preparing your trees before the harsh winter arrives is essential to assure they prosper through the coldest months of the year. Use our blog post as a resource to help prepare your trees for a smoother winter.

Fall Pruning

Pruning your trees during the fall season is one of the best ways to prepare them for what is coming this winter. Remove all dead or dying branches from the trees in your yard to improve the strength of each tree. This is also essential because if snowfall lands on dead or dying branches, they will likely fall from the pressure and can potentially harm you or your family.

Wrap Sensitive Trees

If you have any particularly sensitive trees that you think will be damaged from the harshness of winter, consider wrapping them as an extra layer of protection against the cold, wet winter. This is not typically necessary for the standard tree but if you have any problems with a tree in your yard, it could be the best way to ensure it maintains its strength throughout the winter.

Mulch & Fertilize

Show your trees a little extra attention in the fall before winter hits by mulching and fertilizing the areas around them. This will help provide a less extreme temperate around each tree when everything gets colder. Both mulch and fertilizer will also help retain moisture around the tree to ensure they’re getting those hard to find nutrients in the cold winter months.

Extra Water in the Fall

Though many people assume their trees will have plenty to drink thanks to the winter snow, trees are often left without enough water in the winter months. This time can be drier than other seasons so to prepare, give them extra water in the fall so they will retain water and be ready for whatever winter brings.

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