Emergency Tree Removal

**Call us at 781-831-1128 for tree emergencies ONLY. For non-emergencies including firewood sales, you can reach us at 781-447-0045.**

When severe weather and unexpected storms strike, they often leave a trail of destruction for you to clean up. At Elliott Tree, we know that tree emergencies can strike at any time of day or night and in any season; that’s why we offer emergency tree services for your convenience. Our team will arrive at your home or business shortly after your call, ready to assess the situation and take action. Our tree experts have been trained in handling tree emergencies so not only will they know how to treat your tree, but they will do so with the knowledge and experience of considering the conditions at hand.

Tree Emergencies in New England

Tree emergencies can arise at any time of the year. Sometimes, it is harsh weather that causes a tree to fall or break. Some of the most common conditions are lightning, snow and straight-line winds and have the ability to take down limbs or even entire trees. The clean-up work required after such a storm will be both difficult and dangerous for those who have not been trained properly. For this reason, emergency tree removal quickly became our top priority here at Elliott Tree.

While we encourage our customers to tend to their trees year-round, giving them the proper attention that will encourage their growth and prosperity but in these cases, it is best to leave the work to the professionals. Even if your tree emergency does not require our most advanced equipment, you should still leave this work to the professionals who both know the most efficient way to complete the job, but have the means to complete the job safely.

Emergency Tree Removal in Whitman, MA

Elliott Tree is based in Whitman, MA but our tree professionals travel to a wide range of towns and cities across Massachusetts. Safety and customer satisfaction are our utmost concerns so we guarantee to treat each job as if we are working in our own yard. If you need assistance with a problem tree in your yard, call us for immediate assistance. See below to learn more about the other tree services we offer and contact us for more information!

Tree Services in Whitman, MA