How to Keep Your Yard Free of Leaves This Fall

Fall foliage is beautiful to look at, until it’s all over your lawn. When your yard becomes covered in leaves, it can suffocate the grass and damage your lawn. Leaves should be removed from your yard at least twice each fall, if not more. Don’t wait until the last leaf falls off of the tree! Use these quick tips to help keep your lawn free of leaves!


The old fashioned way of picking up leaves is raking. To help you save some time and cut down on the manual labor, purchase an extra-wide rake with thin, extending prongs. This will help you move leaves faster than a traditional rake.

Lawn Mower

You can use a lawn mower with a bag attachment in order to handle leaf debris in your yard. Or you could use a mulching mower, which pulverizes clippings and leaves and drops them back into the soil to feed the grass.


Yard vacuums can suck up, shred, chip, and bag leaves and other debris that have fallen from trees into your yard. This helps save a lot of back-breaking work of picking up the leaves and bagging them.

Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are one of the quickest ways to clear your yard. They allow you to move all of the leaves to one location before having to pick them up. Use leaf scoops to save time when bagging the leaves!

Leaf Scoops


Carrying large barrels of wet, heavy leaves can be a hassle. Use a rake or a leaf blower to move all of the leaves onto a tarp, and then drag it to its destination. You can use cardboard collars to hold open leaf bags while you pour the leaves into the bags.

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