Why is Tree Pruning Important?


If you notice that you have any dead or damaged trees, for the health of the tree, it is important to look into pruning services. When done correctly, there are many different health benefits for pruning a tree. There are both negative and positive effects when it comes to pruning. Below, you’ll find the specifics to the importance of tree pruning:

  • Pruning should typically be done once a year during the resting seasons, unless there is an emergency. This usually takes place during late fall or winter. During this time, trees are less vulnerable to any harm that pruning may cause.
  • Most trees have damaged or diseased branches that can be hard to identify. Thinning or sometimes eliminating live branches can be vital for increasing sunlight. Elliott Tree can examine trees and determine what needs to be pruned.
  • When a tree has dead and heavy branches, they can cause harm and safety issues to the people and buildings below them.
  • For younger trees, if a trim is properly performed, the tree can grow into a strong structure and will require less pruning as it matures.

If you are unsure if your tree needs pruning services, contact Elliott Tree. Call our team at 781-447-0045 or by filling out our contact form.

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