Tree Care To Do List

With temperatures getting higher and higher, it’s difficult not to think about warm weather. Although New England weather is completely unpredictable, it looks as though the warm weather is here to stay. As we make this transition, check out these tips to make sure your trees are staying healthy and fresh.

  1. Your yard may have seen some flood damage from the snow we received this winter. To see if there is any risk of aging or pest damage, hire a professional to stop by for an inspection of your yard.
  2. Remove any damaged tree branches by setting up a pruning appointment. Not only are dead branches unhealthy for three, but they can also cause harm to those around if they fall. With pruning services, you can have these dead branches removed.
  3. For homeowners looking to plant new trees, now is the time! Besides looking nice, new trees can provide you with various benefits. Benefits include increase in property value, decrease in noise levels and more!
  4. Mulching will improve your soil condition, decrease maintenance and improve how your yard will look.

With flowers starting to bloom, it’s a beautiful time for New England homeowners! To ensure that your yard is ready for the warm weather, contact Elliott Tree for our tree services today. We can be reached at 781-447-0045 or by filling out our contact form.

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