Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Summer


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Summer is typically the harshest season on your trees due to the heat and dryness. Use our tips below to help keep your trees safe and healthy this summer!


  1. Water, water, water! – With the dry heat that summer brings, your trees will surely be thirsty this summer. Pay attention to the weather in your area and if it is especially try, be sure you are making up for the lack of precipitation by watering your trees accordingly. Your trees are likely showing signs of dehydration; look for any unnatural structural changes such as splits, cracks, or browning or spotting on foliage.
  2. Soil– Another unfortunate result of summer is the dryness of the soil. While this is unavoidable, you can take steps to properly address the problem. Elliott Tree recommends using fertilizer to prepare for a dry summer. There are countless fertilizing products to choose from but it is best to ask a professional for help choosing the best product for your trees’ needs. With the combination of the nutrients from your fertilizer and additional watering, your trees are sure to be healthy throughout a dry summer season.
  3. PruningPruning your trees is crucial to your trees’ health year-round but when they are particularly sensitive, be sure to make this a priority. Summer is typically a time when trees shed branches and foliage that have died and it is essential to clear this dead debris to prevent any potential damage they may cause. We advise removing dead foliage only during the summer including low limbs and dead branches and waiting for the fall for a full prune.


Need help keeping your trees healthy this summer? Elliott Tree in Whitman, MA offers a range of tree services including emergency tree removal, scheduled tree removals, stump grinding, and tree pruning. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next tree project!

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