How Can I Tell If a Tree Is Going to Fall in My Yard?

split tree trunk

Many homeowners often don’t worry about the trees in their yard until it’s too late. Falling trees can cause serious damage to your property and could cause injury to you or a loved one. We recommend keeping an eye on your trees to ensure you can take action before your trees cause any damage to your property. The list below includes warning signs that your tree may be close to collapsing.

Leaning Trees

Trees don’t normally grow completely straight, but if they lean too much to one side, it’s a sign they may need to be cut down. There are a few major signs of a leaning tree that mean it should be removed. If the roots are exposed around the bottom of the tree, this usually means that the tree is leaning so much that it’s pulling the bottom of the tree out of the ground. Cracked soil surrounding the base of the tree will also tell you that the tree is leaning too far for it to grow safely without the potential of falling.

Split Trunks

If a tree has a split trunk, it is a strong warning sign that the tree should come down before it causes potential damage. While it may not pose an immediate danger, a split trunk is highly likely to break completely in harsh weather, causing preventable damage to your home. Deep cracks elsewhere in the tree may also be an indicator that it’s time to cut your tree down before it collapses.

Rotten Roots

Examining your tree’s roots can save you thousands of dollars in damage. Take a close look to see if your tree’s roots are healthy and strong. If they appear to be softened or have mold on them, odds are your tree is decaying. Other indicators may be decay elsewhere on the tree or significant bark-loss.

Falling Branches

If you often find yourself picking up sizable branches from your yard, the tree they are falling from may be trying to tell you that something is wrong. A tree often will shed its branches when it is sick in order to make itself smaller and therefore have less surface area to feed. If you’re unsure if your tree is shedding its branches itself or it is the aftermath of a recent storm, check for these other symptoms of a sick tree.

What Do I Do Next?

If you think your tree may be in danger of falling in the near future, Elliot Tree strongly advises you to seek professional help in finding a solution to your tree’s problem. We offer tree pruning services for your healthy trees and tree removal for those that cannot be salvaged. Call us today and keep your trees and yourself safe and healthy!

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