Spring Tree Care Tips for Healthy Trees


Spring is a crucial season to your tree’s health. Before you spend the summer relaxing outside and enjoying your yard, be sure to pay attention to your trees. If you want your yard to be filled with healthy trees, follow these steps this spring to get your trees looking and feeling better!


Are your trees getting enough water? Are they getting too much? It is possible your trees got too much water from a very snowy winter but odds are your tree is still thirsty. As the weather gets warmer, your trees will dry out, as they’ve been used to having plenty of water over the snowy winter so to keep them happy, keep a close eye on them and water when they look dry. If your soil is dry, you should be watering your trees frequently since they are not getting as much water and nutrients as they should be from the soil.



Consider laying mulch around the bases of your trees. The mulch will help your soil, whether it’s dry or moist, retain moisture and keep your tree hydrated. It is important that you avoid laying mulch directly against the tree trunk, as the moisture could be detrimental to the trunk.


Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees after a long winter and a windy spring can be a lengthy job but it is a necessary one. Winter and harsh spring weather is tough on your trees so it is crucial to clean them up when the seasons change so they can prosper in the warmer weather.


Keep an Eye on Your Trees

Overall, the most important way to keep your trees healthy and prevent damage is to keep a close eye on them year-round so you can see any problems coming and act accordingly. More often than not, a sick tree will give signs that it is ill so keeping a close eye is crucial.


Tree Assistance

Need assistance treating your trees? Elliott Tree in Whitman, MA offers a range of tree services including tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding, and more. Contact us today for questions on any of our services, to schedule an appointment, or to get a free estimate!

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