How to Prune a Tree

man pruning a treeIt’s almost November, which means it’s the perfect time to start pruning trees! Late fall is the perfect time for pruning because growing season is over and they have already dropped all of their leaves. Pruning a tree can be done for many reasons, whether it’s for aesthetics or safety, but before beginning to prune a tree, make sure to identify the structural branches. The structural branches should never be removed because they are critical to the tree’s overall health. There are three main steps when it comes to pruning a tree.

Damaged Branches

The most likely branches that should be pruned are the ones that have been damaged. When pruning, make sure to use a tool that’s appropriate for the size of the branch. Cut into the bottom of the branch, no more than halfway through its diameter; then align the saw to the bottom cut, and cut through the top of the branch. This will prevent the branch from tearing away part of the trunk. Position cuts a few inches from the truck so just a stub remains.

Thinning Out

Thinning out trees is meant to prevent fungi and help them stay healthy and grow. In order for a tree to grow healthily, it must have free flowing air on all sides. It’s recommended that the crown should be thinned out at the thickest parts.

Giving Shape

After all of the damaged branches are thinned out and removed, the rest is just appearance-enhancing. Be sure not to get carried away, trimming more than a quarter of a tree’s crown in a single season can be harmful. All trees have their own “shape”; never force a tree to grow a certain way by trimming it too much.

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