How to Keep Trees Healthy: The Basics of Tree Care

fall trees

Many people, especially new homeowners, underestimate the time and attention necessary to keep trees in their yard happy and healthy and in turn cause damage to their trees, decreasing the value of their property. There are several ways you can help your trees prosper throughout the year. Follow our guide to find the best ways for you to help your trees grow strong and healthy!

Planting a New Tree

If you are planting a tree, make sure you take the time to think about the details of this decision. Consider your landscape and the environment and choose a type of tree that will prosper there. Make sure you choose the right place to plant your tree. Depending on the tree’s needs, consider the amount of sun and rainfall it will receive in its new home.

Consistent Pruning

Pruning your trees is essential to guarantee they lead a healthy life. Pruning and trimming help keep trees healthy so they can grow and prosper so if you are ignoring this practice, your trees are certainly suffering. Pruning can be fairly easy if you know how to do it and the branches are accessible but if you are not educated in how to prune a tree or if they are out of reach, consult a professional.


Laying mulch around the base of your trees is a great way to keep moisture close to your trees’ roots. Mulch also offers your trees essential nutrients they may be missing otherwise, especially in harsh seasons like summer and winter.

Tree Removal

When a tree is dead or dying, it poses a threat to the safety of yourself, your home, and the health of the trees and vegetation around it. There are several reasons a tree might need to be removed but when necessary, it is essential that you take this matter seriously and call a professional to handle your tree removal.

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