Winter Tree Safety Tips

tree covered in snow

During the winter, trees become bare and easy to ignore, but the trees in your yard need more attention than you think. Winter can be devastating to trees, so it’s important to take care of them during the cold and snowy season. Use these tips to maintain your trees and prevent them from damaging your home.


Winter is the best time for a certified arborist to inspect your trees. Since all of the limbs are bare, they can check for any potential problems. Many times, weak limbs can remain hidden underneath foliage, making it hard to notice and take care of them. The arborist may then suggest to use cables to help the limb withstand strong winds, or suggest to have it removed.


During severe weather conditions, such as snowstorms, weak limbs can get caught in the wind and ripped off of trees. These limbs could easily make their way into your home through a window or the roof if the wind is strong enough. Tree pruning is recommended for the fall, after trees are bare but before the snow hits. Pruned trees are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also safer because any weak or dead limbs are removed. Pruning trees helps keep them safe during the winter months.

Removing Snow

Trees covered in snow can make for a beautiful photo opp; however, snow and ice tend to significantly weigh down the limbs. To keep limbs from breaking, remove snow from them when they begin to bow.

These tips will help you maintain your trees health throughout the winter. If you do experience tree damage, call Elliott Tree right away! 781-447-0045

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