The Negative Effect Winter Weather Has on Trees

As many homeowners know, New England is home to some severe temperatures and winters. Our trees and shrubs can take a real beating from the snow, rain, ice and cold temperatures. While trees were made to manage in these conditions, they can still be negatively affected by them.

Below are some common reasons for winter weather damage to your trees:

  1. When it comes to temperature change, trees prefer it when it slowly changes. Trees can be negatively affected by a quick freeze.
  2. With the icy weather that winter brings, de-icing salt is always present, but is can cause harm to trees. Tree damage from salt usually goes undetected and doesn’t appear until summer.
  3. Typically, frozen roots occur to new trees during a freeze that happens for a certain amount of time. As spring approaches, that is when trees with frozen roots will begin to weaken.

If you notice that your trees have been affected by the cold, winter weather, contact Elliott Tree today! We will send someone from our team to provide an estimate for any tree removal services. Call us today at 781-447-0045 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services.

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