Keeping Your Pool Area Safe and Clean

pool area

There are hundreds of ways to design the look and feel of your pool area between choosing a theme, furniture, and other decorations but the best way to give this area a wholesome, beautiful look is by surrounding your pool with vegetation. Follow our helpful tips to ensure you are maintaining a safe and clean pool area!

Be Careful Where You Plant

While you may be attracted to some vegetation for its look, it is important to be mindful of size and shape of a plant or tree if you are planting close to your pool. It is also important to do your research, make sure that the plants and trees that you choose to plant close by your pool are able to survive in this unique environment. If you do not take these precautions, you will likely be doing a lot more cleanup from dead leaves, branches, and other debris. If you are planting a tree in your pool area, make sure you are planting in a safe place. If your tree is going to grow to be large or an odd shape, it could cause a major issue for you in the future.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait until your pool area is covered in fallen debris and branches, be proactive and schedule a tree pruning in the spring before your pool area will be used. Elliott Tree provides a range of tree services including thorough pruning from your small trees to your largest. Call us today for an estimate!

Make Sure Plants and Trees Are Healthy

If you have unhealthy plants or trees in your pool area, you can potentially cause serious harm to your property and your loved ones. The chlorine in your pool may affect your plants so it is essential to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are not dying and negatively affecting your pool area. Effects on the air quality and possible airborne illness could occur from significant unhealthy vegetation as well as the risks that come with having an unhealthy tree. There are several signs that a tree is sick and this is something to be very cautious about. If a tree is unhealthy, it is a risk to you and your family as well as a hazard to your property. If you can’t diagnose your tree yourself, contact us today and we’ll assist in both diagnosing and giving a prognosis to keep your yard as safe and clean as possible!

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