Buying Affordable Firewood in Whitman, MA

Looking for Firewood Near Whitman, MA?

Finding a reliable firewood vendor can be tough. Everyone has their own preferred style of firewood and finding a place who can give you exactly what you’re looking for may take some time. Our staff frequently uses firewood so we know the best options for our customers and bring our own standards to our work.

How Do Cut and Store Our Firewood?

We have a calculated process of cutting and storing our wood. Our firewood is stored in piles, therefore the wood in the middle and bottom of the piles is not always exposed to air and may contain some moisture. After purchasing firewood, stack this wood first to give it time to dry out (even though our seasoned wood has been cut and split over a year ago, we cannot guarantee or be responsible for moisture content). To give your firewood the best chance of drying out and burning to its full potential, buy green firewood a full year in advance. 

What’s the Best Time to Purchase Firewood?

Purchasing firewood a year in advance is always the best way to stay ahead of your firewood needs and ensure you have the best quality wood. This will give your wood plenty of drying time and you will save you money in the long run. 

How Can I Keep My Firewood In Good Condition?

After purchasing your seasoned firewood early, stack your firewood no more than three rows high. This will allow more air to circulate through the stack. If possible, stack your firewood in direct sunlight so it can dry out as much as possible. Do not cover the stacked pile until the temperature begins to drop. When the cold comes, cover only the top, not the ends or sides of the pile to get more air on the wood. 

Purchase Firewood Near Whitman, MA

Elliott Tree based in Whitman, MA offers firewood for a fair price. View our prices below and contact us today for purchasing!

Cut and split seasoned wood.  $275 per cord
Log length:  75.00 per cord.  5 cord minimum

stacked firewood