Avoid Tree Bugs This Summer

Summer is here, and so it the ability to spend quality time outdoors. Between bbq’s, pool parties, and late night fires, you always want your backyard looking beautiful. However, it is very difficult to enjoy backyard outings when your landscape isn’t up to par. Along with the summer heat, comes summer bugs, and many that feed off of trees. A few types of bugs can actually destroy trees, leaving them dead and in danger of falling.  Look out for the following types of bugs on your trees!

Magnolia Scale – Shiny, smooth, oval shaped pests attack several species of magnolia, including saucer, star, lily, and cucumbertree. If the infestation is strong enough, it can encrust branches to death, and potentially kill the entire tree.

Summer Aphids – Large amounts of summer aphids can significantly reduce the foliage of trees by feeding on leaves. They cause leaves to turn yellow or curl.

Chinch Bugs – Chinch bug activity increases immensely during the summer months, which creates more damage to trees. These bugs yellow the turf, and eventually turns in brown.

Borers – These bugs use drought to their advantage and feed underneath the bark, which interferes with the water supply flow to the branches and needles.

Spider Mites – Although spider mites look like tiny, black dots, it’s hard to miss the way they alter the appearance of a tree.

If any of your trees have already been infected by these bugs, contact Elliott Tree for emergency tree removal to avoid the danger of them falling.  With unsafe trees out of your yard, you can go back to enjoying your summer!

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