Why Are Dying Trees Problematic For My Property?

fallen treeWhen a tree dies, it will become dry and brittle due to the lack of water and nutrients. This interferes with their structural integrity and will make them weak. There are many dead-tree problems that can be very costly to your property; some even life-threatening; but the main problems are falling trees and spreading diseases.

Dead branches and trees can fall without warning and cause property damage or serious injury. Decay and decomposition can compromise the strength and stability of the tree. Since the interior of the tree is dry and brittle, there is less structural integrity holding up the limbs. Depending on where the tree is located, if a branch or the whole tree falls, it may damage your home or injure someone. It can also be a liability if they fall on a person or your neighbor’s property.

Infected trees can spread their diseases to other trees in your yard. Powdery mildews can develop on dead branches and trunks and attract unwanted insects and termites. Leaves can also become immune to chlorosis and begin to lose their color. These diseases can spread to flowers underneath the tree or to other trees within the area, causing damage to all of them. The dead parts of a tree are like open wounds; they attract bacteria and become a home to diseases.

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