Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Services in Hanover, MA

Located in Plymouth County, Hanover MA is 15 square miles filled with homes and thriving businesses while maintaining a small-town charm. With about 20,000 residents stretching across the town, homes in the area on average tend to have a medium-sized yard. With a climate like New England’s, Hanover MA residents and business owners need a reliable tree professional to call with any causes for concern in their yard such as a sick tree, a falling tree, a dangerous stump, or messy trees that should be cleaned up.

Hanover MA residents know how drastically the season can influence their home and yard, including their trees. Spring is a great time to clean up the yard after the effects of a long, Hanover MA winter. Summers can be dangerously dry so June-August is a great time to show your trees a little extra love to make sure they maintain their health. Fall is Hanover MA’s most colorful season and while it can be easy to sit back and enjoy the colors for the season, fall is the best time to get work done on your trees. Pruning and feeding your trees before the harsh winter will be vital to their health during the long winter months. Because of the cold and snow, winter can be a difficult time to maintenance trees so getting it done in the fall will help your trees prosper through the cold Hanover MA winter.

Elliott Tree based in Whitman MA is the area’s premier tree professionals with decades of experience and countless jobs under our belt. Because we’re just a short drive down the road in Whitman MA, we will be there when you need us. Contact us today for a free estimate on any of our tree services!

Tree Services offered to residents and business owners of Hanover, MA: