Tree Damage From Massachusetts Winters

It seems like just yesterday we were all shoveling out from the Winter of 2015. Not only did we get hit hard, but the trees around us did. With the high winds & heavy snow fall we endured, these blizzards left the trees vulnerable & damaged.

Trees had to withstand a lot of destruction from these blizzards. Trees with weak wood were left with broken & loose limbs from the weight of the snow & ice. Because of all the salt laid down from plows, it got into the water that is taken up by trees. Most trees aren’t capable of handling this much salt, resulting is dieback. Another concern during the winter is “winter kill”. Winter kill happens when a sunny, winter day tricks trees into attempting to photosynthesize. To complete the process of photosynthesizing, trees water through their roots, but are unable to do this because the ground is frozen.

Now that we are finally onto warmer weather, it is the perfect time to monitor your trees. If you think you have any damaged trees that need removal, contact Elliott Tree at (781) 447-0045 or by emailing us at

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