Spring Tree Maintenance Tips

With spring weather here in Massachusetts, now is the time to ensure that your trees are healthy and staying as fresh as possible. See our tips below to get your trees ready for the warmer weather!

  1. Since the melting of snow has already started, your landscape is starting to see flood damage or standing water. Although this wither wasn’t that bad, we can still see damage. Elliott Tree offers inspections to ensure that your trees are healthy and don’t need to be removed.
  2. Winter weather can have some serious consequences for trees and their branches. If you hire a company that can properly prune your trees, you can remove the old branches and make room for the new ones. Leaving dead branches is unhealthy for your tree and can also put others at harm if they fall.
  3. Spring is the perfect time to plant new trees in your yard. Benefits of new trees include decreased air temperatures/humidity, reduced noise levels, increase in property values and absorbing carbon dioxide.
  4. When you correctly mulch your yard, you’re left with improved soil conditions and less maintenance for your landscape. Not to mention, it just looks better!

Springtime in Massachusetts is beautiful and is the perfect time to get your trees ready for summer. Contact Elliott Tree at 781-447-0045 to learn about our tree services or to schedule a consultation with a team member.

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