Do I Need to Remove an Old Stump From My Yard?

tree stump

If you have tree stumps in your yard, they could be posing potential risks to your property and your family. Many people think that once trees are removed, that is the end of it but sometimes, it is necessary to remove the entire stump. Continue reading below to learn more about removing tree stumps.

Stumps Are Hazardous

If you have a stump in your yard, odds are that you or your family members have tripped over it or bumped into it one time or another. If you have children, stumps can be particularly dangerous to their health and should certainly be removed.

Stumps Welcome New Vegetation

If you had a tree removed and left the stump behind, you could be setting yourself for more problems. Stumps often welcome the growth of smaller vegetation and trees, which can cause a mess. Furthermore, the small trees that typically grow from stumps often take nutrients from the other vegetation around the stump.

Stumps Are Unattractive

If you work hard to keep your yard a beautiful place to spend time with your family, a big, ugly stump will surely take away from the overall appearance of your yard and should be removed.

Stumps Attract Insects

Your yard is a place to relax with your family and children, the last thing you want is anything posing a threat to yourself and your loved ones. Stumps often attract insects because of the decay of the stump. It is best to remove the stump to prevent any such issues.

Stumps Take Up Space in Your Yard

Stumps are simply a waste of space. They are not adding anything positive to your yard and are taking up space that you could be using for something more useful. Remove the stump today to make room for more fun!

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