Cleaning Up Your Trees & Yard After a Storm

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After the wind and rain have ceased, it is time to start recovering and getting your yard and trees back to normal. Whether it was brief, just moving through town or a multi-day storm, heavy rain and wind can be damaging to your yard, home, and trees. Use our tips below to get your yard back in order quickly and efficiently.

Take Safety Precautions

Before heading outdoors to begin the cleanup, be sure that the storm is over. Once you are sure, the first thing you should do when heading outside is to inspect your trees. The storm likely shook many branches loose and they could be in danger of falling any second. Before you let your guard down and start collecting debris, be sure no loose branches are going to fall near you.

Seek Out Useful Wood

Some debris such as smaller twigs and branches that are dry are very useful for firewood. If you have a fireplace or have bonfires in your yard, try to salvage what you can from the storm.

Clean up Debris in Trees

If you inspected your trees and found no major problem areas, there are likely smaller branches entangled within healthy branches. Take this time to take down these smaller branches before you clean the ground around the tree, as they will likely fall at some point and cause more of a mess.

Address Puddles in the Yard

If your yard has any divots or areas that aren’t completely flat, you likely have water puddles that could pose a threat to the vegetation around them. Use a water pump to rid the area of this water and consider planting a thirsty shrub or plant nearby to avoid these flooding issues in the future.

Seek Professional Help to Keep Trees Healthy

Trees are sensitive plants and can use extra attention after a storm. Call a trusted tree professional for mulching, pruning, or tree removal if necessary to make sure your yard remains a safe and healthy space.

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