Best Trees to Plant in Your Yard This Season

front yard trees

Choosing which trees to plant in your yard can be a tough decision for the average homeowner. As tree professionals, we’ve helped countless clients who have problems in their yard due to planting the wrong kind of tree in their yard so to prevent such issues at your home, use our guide of things to consider and choose the best kind of tree for your yard.


How large the tree will be should be one of your main concerns when planting in a small yard or a space close to your home. Do your research on the type of tree you are interested in planting and be aware of how large the average adult tree grows to be to avoid any issues down the road.

How Much Sunlight Does It Need?

If your yard is unusually shady, you should look specifically for trees that do not need much sunlight so they will be able to prosper in your yard. Too much sunlight can also be an issue for many types of trees so be sure you are aware of how sunny the area you’re planning to plant is. 

How Much Water Does It Need?

This will not be a concern for most trees you are interested in planting but for some, the amount of water they receive is important. If you are not able to monitor the amount of water your trees are receiving and/or water them frequently, there are plenty of types of trees available that need less attention.

Deciding Where to Plant A New Tree

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to planting a new tree is deciding where exactly it should go. If you are looking to plant a free in your front yard, there are countless beautiful, smaller trees to choose from while if you are planting in the back yard, your options are much more diverse.

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